Savor 1.2 Release Notes August 7, 2014  |  Web Version

If you’re like us, you probably have a list of restaurants, clubs, pubs, cafés, coffee shops, pizzerias, sushi bars, tearooms, or taverns you want to check out. Or you’re always on the lookout for the best fish taco, French onion soup, or Old Fashioned wherever you go. Wouldn’t it be great if someone kept track of all this for you and tapped you on the shoulder when your next great dining experience was close by?

Introducing Foodie Alerts: personalized proximity notifications that let you know when that place-you-said-you-wanted-to-try-next-time-you-visited-that-certain-city is around the corner. Or, when you’re in the vicinity of a favorite food or beverage done right.

This is not random advertising. These are subtle alerts about specific venues explicitly requested by you, and menu items based on organic feedback from other foodies. So, you’re always in control.

Savor’s proprietary proximity notification logic uses sophisticated energy-saving algorithms that minimize battery consumption. In fact, our field tests showed no significant change in power consumption from the previous version of Savor.

To learn more about Foodie Alerts, go to More > FAQ > What’s a Foodie Alert? in the Savor iPhone app.

Also included in the Savor 1.2 update are the following enhancements:

  • “Shake to Search” — Shaking your phone, with Savor running in the foreground, will instantly notify you of any nearby favorites.
  • The Place Info page now includes a link to the place’s mobile menu (when available).
  • Tapping an item in your Favorite Items list displays every post for that dish or drink around the world, sorted by average rating.
  • Some bug fixes and additional optimizations.

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