November 23, 2014

We’ve updated Savor to take full advantage of the larger screens on the new iPhones. This means larger and more detailed imagery and more rows per screen. We also fully support Apple’s “Dynamic Type” technology that enables you to adjust the size of text displayed by Savor. In addition, iOS 8 users can now quickly view a list of nearby favorites by swiping down from the top of the phone to reveal the new Savor Widget.

Savor Widget

iOS 8 users can now instantly view their three nearest Savor favorites by swiping down from the top of phone’s screen at any time. You can also start a post by tapping New Post in the bottom row of the widget. (Comes in handy when you want to quickly snap a picture before diving into your meal.)

Note that you have to first add the Savor widget by unlocking your phone and then tap “Edit” at the bottom of the Today view in the Notification Center.


Did you know?

You can quickly share a Savor post on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? It’s easy, just tap the post’s Share Icon then tap the desired social network. Note you must be signed in to Savor to see the Share Icon.

Share what you savor

Posting is a breeze with Savor. And, remember, you don’t have to finish your post at the table. In fact, we recommend taking a quick square picture of the dish or drink and post about it later. To learn more about retroactive posting, visit the FAQ page in the app’s More section.

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Share what you savor.
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