Savor is a free iPhone app that enables you to post, rate, and share what you savor most when dining out. By focusing on the menu instead of the venue, Savor can tell you where to go AND show you what to order when you get there.

Savor features a location-based mobile service called “Foodie Alerts” that can send personalized proximity notifications when a new place you wanted to try is around the corner or when an exceptional version of a favorite food or drink is close-at-hand. (“5-star Pistachio Gelato is in the vicinity!”) Savor uses sophisticated energy-saving algorithms that minimize battery consumption so you can run the app in the background and not miss discovering your next great dining experience.

Savor’s “Feed” is a steady stream of crowdsourced reviews and images from our growing global user network of foodies. Users publish reviews using a quick and convenient posting method that makes it easy to identify, describe, rate, and share what they savor directly from their iPhones. All reviews are publicly available for other users to see, like, share, comment on, get info, or post again.

Users can search for specific dishes, or explore by location, to find what’s best to eat and drink around them. Search results are conveniently sorted by average rating and date so the best and most current items appear first.

Unlike restaurant-based apps, Savor answers the age-old question of what’s good on the menu or, better yet, what and where are the best dishes and drinks around me?

Team Members

anil@loudgain.comAnil Bajaj, CTO & Co-Founder

Anil is a Co-Founder and the Chief Technology Officer of Loudgain LLC. He is the technical architect of the application and database. Anil draws from his development experience at Apple and Curam Software as well as building enterprise solutions for the print media industry. He received a degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine.

Favorite dining experience:The Cortez Pizza at Oak & Rye in Los Gatos

doug@loudgain.comDoug Dawirs, COO & Co-Founder

Doug is Co-Founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Loudgain LLC. He is responsible for the look and feel of Savor along with administrating the Savor User Group and overseeing data center operations. Doug draws upon years of experience developing a wide variety of applications, websites and services for the creative community including workbook.com and eyeist.com. He is the recipient of a Macworld Editors’ Choice Award, a MacUser Editors’ Choice Award (“Eddy”), and two Macworld World Class Awards.

Favorite dining experience: Pastrami Sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessen in New York

arun@loudgain.comArun Bajaj, CPO & Co-Founder

Arun is a Co-Founder and the Chief Product Officer of Loudgain LLC. He drives product conception and marketing of the application. He received a degree in Economics from the University of California, Davis. Arun has held sales operations and data analytic positions with Brocade and Cisco.

Favorite dining experience: Italian Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn

karuna@loudgain.comKaruna Rohra, Lead Developer

Karuna is the lead developer of Savor. She has been instrumental in conceptualizing and building the functionality of the application. A food enthusiast with a Masters in Computer Engineering from Cornell, Karuna brings the perfect blend of innovation and ingenuity to Savor.

Favorite dining experience: Vada Pav Inside Out at Masala Library in Mumbai

Contact Information

Loudgain LLC
13611 Wendy Lane
Saratoga, California 95070-5134

+1 714.272.4993